Warhammer 40k ITC GT – REGISTER HERE

“The strongest are strongest alone” ~The Tyrant of Badab.

Welcome, Grimdark Generals! Come battle it out in a Warhammer 40,000  ITC, 5 round, 2-day tournament. Bring your best 2000 point army and prepare to fight across 4 varied warzones to achieve ultimate victory against all comers. The event will use the 2020 ITC missions and rules.

Age of Sigmar GT – REGISTER HERE

“This night brothers, we bring war!” ~Vandus Hammerhand

Welcome Generals of the Mortal Realms! Come battle it out in an Age of Sigmar, 5 round, 2-day, AoS tournament. Bring your best 2000 point army and prepare to battle your way to ultimate glory. The event will use the current General’s Handbook missions and rules. Malign Sorcery and Realm Artifacts are allowed. All battles will be fought in the realm of Ghyran, but standard terrain rules will be in effect.


Weekend with The Narrative Guys – REGISTER HERE

A fun event for Warhammer 40K players that recreates the type of events that happen in the 40K fiction. The Narrative Guys set the stage with awesome terrain and give the players the background. The dice and the players make the story happen on the table. Friday will include CPX 2.0, an immersive battle experience. Come roll dice and have fun!


Three Days of Warmachine – REGISTER HERE

Champions Tournament – Friday
In Champions tournaments, players prove their skill in a limited format. Armies can only be created using Warcasters/Warlocks and theme forces found on the Active Duty Roster, making Champions a rapidly changing arena of battle that allows players to outwit and plan against a known list of potential enemies.

Masters Tournament – Saturday Qualifier, Sunday Top 8
Players will battle it out in a Steamroller Qualifier event on Saturday. The Top 8 players from the Steamroller will face off in a Masters event on Sunday to determine the winner of the first BoLS Open Warmachine Masters!

2 vs 2 Doubles Event – Sunday
Grab a teammate and combine forces! Each player brings a 25pt army led by 1 Warcaster/Warlock, character restrictions apply across both armies. Teammates do not need to play the same faction.

Three Days of Monsterpocalypse – REGISTER HERE

Bring your monsters and robots for a stomp-fest of epic proportions! Every day will offer something different to challenge players: Friday 1 Monster Crush Hour, Saturday 2 Monster Crush Hour, and a special format ‘The Upside Down’ on Sunday.


Two Days of X-Wing – REGISTER HERE

Join us on Saturday and Sunday for dog fights in a galaxy far, far away for our X-Wing event. More information to come… so stay tuned!

Single Day Events


Guild Ball – Friday – REGISTER HERE
Are you ready, sports fans? It’s time to battle it out on the pitch for the glory of winning the first BoLS Open Cup! Choose your Guild, choose your captain, choose your squad, and come on out for a day of mob football!


Marvel Crisis Protocol – Friday – REGISTER HERE
In this three round event you can throw Captain America’s shield and have it ricochet off of multiple enemies. Wield the unfathomable power of the Cosmic Cube and bring the Red Skull’s masterplans to fruition. Lift up buildings and chuck them at enemies to prove that Hulk is the strongest there is.


Age of Sigmar Wardogs (Casual) – Friday – REGISTER HERE 
Need that last bit of prep? Want to make sure troops know the order of battle? Does your quest for skulls for the skull throne never truly stop? Join us for a more relaxed 1 day 3 round AoS tournament using battleplans from the 2020 General Handbook. Players will be placed into 8-player pods. Players will use 2000 point armies.


Warcry – Friday – REGISTER HERE
“I thought I knew true savagery until I came to this cursed place”
The Bloodwind Spoil Beckons! Come battle it out in a Warcry, multi-round, 1 (long) day tournament. Bring your best 1000 point Warband and prepare to fight across the blasted corners of the Bloodwind Spoil to gain glory and earn the notice of your gods and patrons. The event will use the Warcry Pitched Battle Battleplans and rules.


40k Rogue Trader (Casual) – Friday – REGISTER HERE
Did the 40k GT not turn out the way you envisioned? Did the enemy pull too many dirty tricks? Pray to the wrong dice god? Come join us for a more relaxed 1 day 3 round ITC Warhammer 40,000 tournament using swiss pairing. Players will be placed into 8-player pods. We will be using the 2020 ITC missions and rules. Players will use 2000 point armies.


Kill Team – Friday – REGISTER HERE
“Lay your plans carefully, and consider every move, lest it prove your last.”
Welcome, Grimdark Operatives! Come battle it out in a Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team, 4 round, 1-day tournament in sunny Austin TX. Bring your best 100 point Matched Play Battle-forged Kill Team and prepare to fight across 4 rounds of missions to achieve total victory against all comers. The event will use the Kill Team ARENA missions and rules.