Meet the TO: Guild Ball 101 with Zach

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Meet the TO: Guild Ball 101 with Zach

19 Feb 2020 Comments Closed 415 Views

Guild Ball from Steamforged Games is a fast paced and action packed mob football game set in a fantasy universe. The models are fantastic and the game has a very active organized play scene. We are glad to be able to offer an event this year. Here’s a run down of the game and the event from TO Zach Cohen:

Guild Ball is an alternating activation skirmish game where players control teams of merchant guilds in a bloody game of soccer. Games are played to 12 points, with scoring goals being worth four and taking out enemy players worth two. A taken out player is never out for the whole game, however, as the medics patch them up and send them back to the pitch the following round.

Each player controls six models; a captain, an animal mascot, and four squaddies. Guilds include the nimble Fishermen, the bloody Butchers, the resilient Blacksmiths, the scummy Brewers, the tricky Hunters, and the versatile Engineers. Games are played on a 3’x3′ mat and typically take less than two hours.

The BoLS Open Guild Ball Cup will be five rounds (depending on attendance) in a Swiss format, following the rules of the official GB Organized Play Document which can be found on SFG’s website. There will be no painting requirement, but there will be prizes for best painted and best goalpost. The most recent errata will be in effect.


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