Vendor Spotlight: TableWar

BoLS Open Staff

Vendor Spotlight: TableWar

13 Feb 2020 Comments Closed 473 Views

All of our 40k and AoS tables will feature a mat from TABLEWAR, makers of the original F.A.T. Mat and G.E.O. Mat. Upgrade your games with a high-quality mat that rolls up for easy storage. Multiple designs and sizes are available for every game you play – including grid overlays for RPGs.

Their modular display, storage, and transport system is a great solution for all miniature wargaming players. Customize it to store your models and easily update it to carry your army to a tournament – or home. You’ll be able to snag mats and cases at the event from their booth in our vendor area.

Beyond their great products, the folks at TableWar run a charity aimed at supporting autistic people and their families – specifically funding educational advocacy that will help students get the assistance they need to be successful in school. Extra support from an advocate can make a world of difference not only in school but overall well being.

We’re excited to partner with TableWar Charities this year. We’ll be providing more details in the coming weeks.