Chat with The Narrative Guys

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Chat with The Narrative Guys

03 Oct 2019 Comments Closed 208 Views

The Narrative Guys run amazing game master style narrative games that have become a favorite of the 40k community. Team members Dan and Glenn stopped by our studio this week to talk about how they got started, what their events are all about, and baguettes with butter.


We are very excited to see what they have planned for the open  – it looks like Dan is working out some ideas for new and improved terrain already. Take a look at some of the tables they’ve built for past campaigns…

If this sounds/looks like an awesome weekend to you, tickets are available now for the narrative track at the open, it runs all three days – you can snag those here.

Need to get your narrative fix before next June? They’ve got a big charity event that benefits the North Texas Food Bank coming up on Saturday, November 16th in Fort Worth. Players will participate in two narrative games either solo or in teams of two playing the same faction. You can check out the build rules and format here and buy tickets here.