Getting Tabletop Ready: Power Painters = Awesome

BoLS Open Staff

Getting Tabletop Ready: Power Painters = Awesome

29 Sep 2019 Comments Closed 202 Views

Terrain construction continues – the 40k hills we built last time are getting a base coat before dry brush detailing. When dry brushing is done they’ll be tabletop ready and will go in to storage till June.

The 40k city tables are shaping up – prepare for urban combat in dense terrain! The crew finished off constructing all of the phase one buildings, and started cutting sections and construction for phase two. The finished pieces will go off for texture and will get a base coat next time.

Thanks to Kingsley, Matt, Abe, Ryan, Nicole, Nick, Adam, Sam, Gabe, Brandon, and Larry for coming out today and helping the event get tabletop ready. A special thanks to Dragon’s Lair and Mai-Dez for all of the cat food cans!

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