Getting Tabletop Ready: Hot Knives & Beer

BoLS Open Staff

Getting Tabletop Ready: Hot Knives & Beer

07 Sep 2019 Comments Closed 160 Views

We know terrain is an important part of the game, so the crew is out in the August heat making sure our tables look great, and our 40k terrain is 8th edition ready, with the help of two Austin staples: Shiner Bock and Topo Chico.

terrain day 01

Each 40k table will have a mixture of line-of-sight blocking buildings and ruins with the density that makes for great 8th edition games. AoS tables will have all of the ruins, shrines, and hills to challenge any general. Every themed table will feature a matching TableWar F.A.T. Mat.

We have custom tables, packed with Games Workshop terrain, in the works for players that make it to the top tables. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook or Twitter because we’ll be showing off complete tables in the coming weeks.

Don’t have your badge or tickets yet? Registration is open for 40k, AoS, and Privateer Press events. Make sure you’ve got a place to stay – book your hotel room here. We look forward to seeing y’all in June!